The Pleasure of Kite Flying

Within my country Guyana this time around of the season is connected with kite making and kite flying. It’s so traditional within my country that initially when i first resided from it I had been taken aback that Easter time came and there have been no kites.

Lately I attempted to discover the roots of the tradition. Asking seniors only introduced vague reactions about this being our method of honoring the resurrection of Christ. After I started researching a brief history of kites I discovered that both in India and china there have been lengthy kite traditions. Something clicked on. Maybe china or Indians introduced it to Guyana.

As always you will find different claims about where kites came from. In certain accounts it’s China. Other tales say it started with communities within the South Off-shore. The Balinese possess a beautiful story around the origin of kites.

Kite flying represents man’s imagine flying. Probably the most effective Greek misconceptions is Icarus who travelled with wings but went too close to the sun which melted the wax holding his wings together. Kites also have their own museums and festivals.The Kite Museum of Ahmedabad in India provides you with a peek at a brief history of man’s pleasure of flying kites.

Kite flying hasn’t only been a entertainment it’s performed important roles in war and science. There’s the storyline of Hsiang Y&uuml who travelled a kite during the night to scare the military of Liu Pang founding father of the Han empire in China. This is actually the ancient same as our flying black hawk helis to scare the Taliban.

You will find accounts from 100 BC to 500 AD of generals using kites to transmit signals, messages as well as weapons. These were employed for observation and also to appraise the distance of enemy camps. A contemporary sort of this really is pilotless drones doing similar responsibilities.

A lot of us read about Ben Franklin’s kite experiment in 1752.He sent up a kite inside a storm to prove that lightning was of the identical electric matter as the one which produced electricity. He attached a projecting metal wire to his kite. This came lightning when an electrified cloud passed over his kite.

Kites performed a huge role in the introduction of aircraft. A significant milestone in kite flying was at 1870 when an Australian inventor Lawrence Hargrave produced box-kites whose stability was the muse for energy driven planes. Alexander Graham Bell,Samuel Cody and also the Wright siblings played around with with large guy-transporting kites and biplane gliders.

From my research typically the most popular Kite flying nations are China, Japan, India, and Thailand. I had been intrigued to see about ‘kite fights’. This really is something I recall from my childhood. Kite martial artists attempt to cut opponent’s kites lower using various techniques. The strategy utilized in Afghanistan ( Gudiparan Baz. ) in which the string from the tails from the kites are passed through a combination of ground glass powder and glue to ensure they are able to cutting either the tails or even the string manipulating the kite is extremely familiar in my experience. Possibly my Corentyne cousins had some Afghan ancestry!

Some interesting traditional Worldwide Kite Flying festivals I discovered have been in A holiday in greece, India and Pakistan. Greeks fly kites around the first Monday of Given. This is whats called Clean Monday. Millions fly kites throughout northern India throughout the Indian festival of Makar Sankranti, a spring festival celebrated every The month of january 14 along with a public vacation in Gujarat. In neighboring Pakistan, kite flying is completed in Basant -their spring festival.

Today we’ve competitions for multi-line kite flying,precision flying but for the artistic interpretation of music.The Pleasure of Kite Flying continues.

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