The Best Toys For Nine to Ten Year Old Girls

Girls around the ages of nine and ten-years old are very interested in imitating their moms. This means they are interested in looking like a girl by wearing makeup. They are also interested in pampering themselves, such as receiving manicures and pedicures. For girls at this age buying them beauty supplies is a great gift idea. You can buy girls this age makeup, nail polishes, lotions, body washes, spray-on glitter, and many other beauty supplies. You can also buy them the tools that they would need to use various beauty supplies or even beauty supply kits. To get even more creative you can buy them kits that allow them to make their own bath beads, lip glosses, etc.

Another idea that you can use for girls who are nine to ten years old is buying them cupcake makers or ovensthat they can bake in. Having baking toys will allow them to cook in the kitchen with mom or even bake a cake or two while having a slumber party. The baking toys come with a variety of desserts that your child can bake, and there is no mess involved. If you happen to run out of the baking packets that come with the toys, you can buy refill packets. Being allowed to buy refill packets extends the life of the toy and the refill packets are a great gift by itself. Some of the baking toys even come with baking tools that your child can use to decorate the desserts that they made; this also allows them to practice using tools that you would normally use in the kitchen.

Stuffed animals are another great choice among girls this age, just not only ordinary stuffed animals. Girls this agewill enjoy ordinary stuffed animals because they can cuddle with them and display them in their room. There are also stuffed animals that you can purchase that come with a secret code. The code allows you to adopt the animal on the internet. The website that you go to allows you to play games, feed and play with your pet, bathe and groom your pet, and many other fun and exciting things. You can choose from a variety of different types of animals and try to collect them all.

Dolls that sing are another great choice for girls in this age group. These dolls give your child a chance to sing along to their favorite songs from some of their favorite movies. Many of the dolls are interactive; a microphone that comes with the doll can be passed back and forth between the doll and yourchild. When singing where your child leaves off the doll will pick up from and start signing. You can also purchase play sets for the dolls, these are sold separately. The play sets allow your child to act out scenes from their favorite movies, with the correct characters from the movie.

Doll heads that allows your child to do their hair or put on their makeup is another option for girls in this age group. The doll head is going to allow your child the chance to practice different beauty techniques on their dolls before they try it on themselves. It will also give your child an idea about what is involved when it comes to putting on makeup and hair styling. Some of the doll heads even as with hair that can be cut and grown back.

Choosing the perfect gift for a girl in thisage group can be hard; if you know, what they are interested in the choice will be easier.

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