Innovative Things to Do With Your Garage

A place for your car is usually what comes to mind when people hear the word garage. However, there are many useful and different uses for your garage. Removing the car can open up an endless amount of possibilities for the new found space. Garages provide a lot of square feet and can be used for everything from a gym to a playroom.

Georgia’s warm and humid summers make converting your garage into a lounge the perfect escape from the heat. Purchasing a couple chairs or couches, putting in a bookcase and TV or setting up a couple fans can turn any ordinary garage into a relaxing extra room. Going the extra mile by putting in a pool table or pinball machines can turn it into an exciting place to entertain guests. Turning a garage into a game room is a fun and easy thing to doand can even increase the value of your home.

Take a trip to an organizational store and purchase boxes, shelves, and other things to create a storage room. Many homes are cluttered with so many things that they use maybe only once every few months. Storing those odds and ends, along with holiday decorations, cleaning supplies and seasonal clothing in the garage, can keep the mess out of the house and put somewhere safe where it can easily accessed.

If you’re short on space and expecting a new resident into your home, converting your garage into an extra bedroom can be a simple solution. Disable your garage door by removing the garage door opener. Be sure to seal any spaces between the garage door and the door frame to keep the resident comfortable and keep the heat or coldoutside. After the room has been insulated, you can install carpet or wood flooring panels over the flooring, paint the walls, and install a fan or overhead lighting to the resident.

Converting your garage into a gym can benefit anyone looking to add some more exercise to their lives. Although gym equipment will need to purchased, it makes the convenience of close location and saves money exercise spent on a gym membership. Using the garage for a work out plan will keep the equipment out of your house and in a location where it cannot damage the floor or wall. Even on warm days, the garage doors can be opened to let cool air in and prevent it from getting too hot.

Installing carpet or rubber flooring is the first step in converting a garage into a playroom for yourchildren. Putting in a few storage boxes to keep toys in their commercials and putting in some play equipment, tables and chairs for drawing or crafts will keep your kids entertained. Converting a garage adds plenty of space and can enhance the appearance of your home by creating a new room.

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