How to Use a We-Vibe

In terms of sex toys and vibrators the one thing that separates the We-Vibe from all the rest is the fact that it stimulates both her G-spot and clitoris is small enough that it can be used during any lovemaking session and most importantly is hands-free.

In this article, you will discover how to use a We-Vibe for complete and total sexual satisfaction.

As you probably have already begun to realize the We-Vibe pretty much replaces an entire section of adult sex toys due in large part to its extreme versatility. The We-Vibe has the power of a large vibe and at the same time is small enough to fit on a woman’s body in a way that allows it to stimulate the Clitoris and G-spot.

Since the We-Vibe has no wires or straps you are going to want toleave it plugged in and charging when you aren’t using it so it is always ready to go whenever you need it.

How to Use the We-Vibe

When you first receive the We-Vibe you are going to want to wash it with soap and water; also cleaning your We-Vibe is something that you should do after each and every time you use it.

Next, you are going to want to adjust the power setting to low or high speed depending on your own personal preference. To start you are going to want to have the power setting on low and then adjust to the higher level if you so desire.

From here you are going to insert the smaller end into the vagina about 3 inches up and then adjust the We-Vibe until the larger “Clitoral Pad” is nestled in between the labia and against theclitoris.

If you are looking to increase the sensations that you feel consider adding a high quality female arousal cream or gel into the mix as well.

In the end, the We-Vibe is going to provide women and couples with hours upon hours of sexual satisfaction and enjoyment.

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