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[title]Toy 42 Ab Rocker[/title]

Ab Rocker Body by Jake in short,this is a simple way to do crunches effectively. This product does not introduce any new ideas but only improvises on the age-old technique to get flat abs – the crunches. Some of the main uses of the ab rocker are: to work the upper abdomen muscles, the lower abdomen muscles, the lower back and the oblique muscles. This product is relatively small and handy when compared to all the other gym equipment.

In order to work this machine, one must lie flat on the floor and hold the toning bars which can be adjusted to suit individual requirements, and rock forward and backward. And for the lower back workout, lie in the opposite direction and rock the toning bars in the same manner. This must be repeated 10 to 12 times for an effective workout. There are several claims made by this company, such as only 5 minutes on this amazing machine everyday

Toy 42

These claims, however, are not true. Ab machines can not burn fat by themselves, and it must compliment by a good cardio, strengthen building exercise and a healthy diet. The Ab rocker does not have many high recommendations as the product has limited movement and does not help gain stability and balance. And its also said to work only on the mid section of abdomen and fails to give a complete workout.

Ab Rocker

However, many consumers who own this product are very happy with its performance and ease of use.

Ab Rocker
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